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Voodoo Child Espresso

388 College St Toronto, ON M5T 1S7

(647) 748-1011

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Voodoo Child Espresso

“I think Voodoo Child is just a really chill place for a barista to learn… This is like the equivalent of barista PhD,” shared Alex Nassar, Owner and Operator at Voodoo Child Espresso & Cocktail Bar, on the reason why so many exceptional baristas have come through this café. Voodoo Child is a multi-roaster café with a menu that always has two espressos on offer. It changes with the seasonality of coffee. However, one choice will feature more of a classic flavour profile and the other will be more adventurous and fruit-forward. “I’d like it to be known that we just don’t compromise. We make really, really good stuff , and that’s it… We’ll only pass stuff over the counter that we’re proud of. I think a lot of people in the city forget that what we do is a craft and I want us at Voodoo Child to embrace that craft, and I want everybody who walks through the door [to know] that - whether it’s a cocktail or a shot of espresso what we’re doing is a craft.”

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