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Propeller Coffee Co.

50 Wade Ave Toronto, ON M6H 2Z3

(416) 479-3771

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Single-Origin Pourover (or Single Origin Espresso)

Propeller Coffee Co.

Geoff Polci & Losel Tethong started Propeller in 2014, but Polci actually started roasting coffee all the way back in 1999 (in his home oven) and visited his first coffee farm that same year on his honeymoon in Mexico. A long ways away from roasting in an oven, Propeller Coffee Co. was named the Micro-Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine in 2016. They are currently using an energy efficient Loring and put a heavy focus on sourcing high quality, interesting coffees. That often means travelling to coffee growing countries to get first crack at buying the really special lots. "We look for unique coffees, and obviously really high scoring, high quality and with no defects. But we’re looking for unique coffees," shared Polci.

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