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Pilot Coffee Roasters

50 Wagstaff Dr Toronto, ON M4L 3W9

(416) 546-4006

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Cold Brew

Pilot Coffee Roasters

“I think that is a true blessing about the job. There are certainly challenging moments, but I can say I’m never bored, which feels great,” said Brett Johnston, Head of Innovation at Pilot Coffee Roasters. His role is all about doing industry research, which can lead him to sometimes feel like a coffee-mad-scientist. He was also responsible for designing their Cold Brew program and left no stone unturned when trying to develop their recipe and processes : whether it was trying hot brew and a flash chill, a hot bloom and a cold crash of water, using ambient water for 6-12 hours or trying the Japanese Iced Coffee method. “I certainly don’t want to rule anything out from any bias or judgment on any kind of brewing, but I just think that if you’re pleased with the result, then the process is valid. So I let that guide me,” Johnston added. “I’m not binding myself to one set approach for eternity per se. I think the goal is to get really balanced flavours that represent the coffee well.”

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