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Lit Espresso Bar

1517 Bayview Ave East York, ON M4G 3B5

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Lit Espresso Bar

“Pig Iron started because I wanted to get more involved in coffee … and not just buy coffee from roasters, I wanted to learn more. On a whim, I went out and bought a roaster without even having a place to roast,” shared Joe Angellotti, owner at Pig Iron Coffee Roasters and Lit Espresso Bar on his roaster’s start. However impulsive the beginning was, their coffee program today is much more meticulous, focused and data-driven. They’re always looking to bring in quality green coffees. However when it comes to their roast profi le, the No.1 priority is sweetness and balance. “We want to create a coffee that’s super sweet and super balanced. We still want you to taste the notes from origin, but that’s kind of secondary to the balance and sweetness that we want out of our coffees. That’s not to say we want to destroy everything that you should taste in origin, but we think that it’s much more approachable this way,” noted Jason Tan, Head Roaster at Pig Iron Coffee Roasters.

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