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Jacked Up Coffee Truck

144 Yorkville Ave Toronto, ON M5R 1C2

(905) 924-0031

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Flat White (or Americano or Espresso)

Jacked Up Coffee Truck

The Jacked Up Coffee truck is the brainchild of owner and operator, Jack Provan and very much reflective of his somewhat nomadic nature, as he was a barista in London, Melbourne and finally settled down here in Toronto. The 1975 Citreon H Van spent two years on the road traveling to his customers but now - like Provan - it has settled in one spot. It’s at the Yorkville location seven days a week, and Provan appreciates the fact that he’s able to make a longer connection with his customers. “We have been there since November 2016, and it’s been great getting to know so many regulars and being part of such a unique, vibrant community,” Provan said.

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