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Hotblack Coffee

245 Queen St W Toronto, ON M5V 1Z4

(416) 840-6141

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“Green Eye” Mint Infused Cold Brew Signature Drink (or Coffee Popsicle, or 12oz Coffee)

Hotblack Coffee

“All of the [signature] menu items that we have now, they just popped into my mind. Each coffee has different flavours, so it just kind of pops up like ‘Oh, this might be good with that,’” shared Momiji Kishi, co-owner and operator at HotBlack Coffee, on her eureka moments that happen when designing her café’s unique drinks. Kishi has quite the storied past with specialty coffee, formerly working at Dark Horse Espresso & Detour Coffee Roasters prior to opening HotBlack Coffee with business partner Jimson Bienenstock. She frequently competed (and did quite well) in barista competitions where competitors are tested on three things: espresso, milk-based drinks and a signature drink. It’s quite clear that the experience of designing signature drinks has had practical uses at HotBlack, whether it’s for the “Green Eye” Mint-Infused Cold Brew, a Coffee Popsicle or a Lemonade-Ginger-Ice- Espresso concoction currently in the works. However, the most important thing to Kishi? “I just want customers to enjoy it!”

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