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Boxcar Social

4 Boulton Ave Toronto, ON M4M 2J3

(647) 344-4530

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2 x Pourovers & Cascara Tea (Tasting Flight)

Boxcar Social

“Any coffee that wasn’t great was emotionally distressing,” shared Alex Castellani, an owner at Boxcar Social, while reminiscing about his early days at their first location in 2014. The solution? “Trying to create the systems, constantly never getting too comfortable with your methodology, with the equipment you use, and never getting too self-satisfied that the way you do things is the best way to do them. You’re always questioning, you’re always critiquing and therefore you’re always evolving.” Castellani has been heavily inspired by ‘place’ and it was part of what pushed him to be a Barista as well as motivated a lot of the decisions at Boxcar - piecing together the origin and how that impacts the profile of the coffee you drink. “That was fascinating to me, that sensory experiences could be traced back to a place. Starting to build that scaffolding of knowledge of place,” Castellani said. “We get excited! When different expressions of Kenyan coffee, Ethiopian coffees seasonally come through. Our whole business model is about sharing that excitement.”

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