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Arvo Coffee

17 Gristmill Lane Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

(647) 352-2786

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Coffee Cupping

Arvo Coffee

At Arvo Coffee, one of the main tenets is the emphasis on creativity. The menu features the staples as well as a rotating selection of seasonal beverages that push the boundaries like their Hopped Cold Brew, Hot Date Latte or Cascara Lemonade. Often, these unique drinks are designed by the baristas behind the bar. “I essentially challenged everyone on the team and said, ‘Let’s all design a drink.’ Claire created this Korean-infused non-coffee drink called the Hot Date Latte. It ended up being one of our best sellers. She gets super excited when we talk about it, because it’s very much her handiwork,” explained co-owner of Arvo Coffee, Justin Carriere. Another large focus at Arvo is bringing the quality, without the attitude – removing the obscurity behind coffee and making it approachable, which is why cupping is so important to them. “It’s a great opportunity to share with regulars what we get excited about and to taste a whole bunch of coffees side by side. It should be interactive and it should be community-focused, and cupping is a wonderful exercise to do just that.”

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